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Solutions for You is an end-to-end platform for customers requiring smart solutions for security, defense, access control, asset tracking, parking management, face recognition, or consumer behavior analysis.


Card image cap Identity & Face Recognition

Comprehensive solution for face recognition and video analysis within a controlled scene and in the crowd. Manage the security in public places smart with existing CCTV system.

The package includes cameras, hardware, and software for video analysis as well as software for the enrollment of the users who are to be recognized and software for operations centers. Solutions can be used for generic facial recognition as well as custom video analysis, such as crowd counting, dropped baggage identification, or object theft protection.

Card image cap Access Control

End-to-End solution for future-proof access control systems, mainly use in security scenarios.

Fast, smart, efficient way to protect any access. The package includes cameras, hardware and software for face recognition, fingerprint readers, card and badge readers, software for enrollment and management of users, and interfaces for door locks and gates. Built with a modular approach to bring a flexibility that scales beyond any current or future needs.

Card image cap Asset Tracking Asset Tracking is a comprehensive solution, focused mainly on logistics, transportation, and retail.

With Asset Tracking, you can monitor positions and movement within secured area.

The suite combines active RFID tags with IoT sensors, video analytics, and real-time updates to the operations center. Any kind of asset (goods, people) can be monitored. Motion (and other additional) sensors can be installed to prevent asset damage or provide additional data and assets’ status.

Card image cap Parking Parking is a complete suite for management of parking spaces, based on smart video analytics.

Turns your parking lot into a smart real-time controlled environment, driven by defined rules and events. Define parking lots on camera views through simple interface and set up rules. Software can then invoke defined events (e.g., open the gate, raise alarm, etc.) based on these rules. Parking can recognize license plates, track cars and parking lots, and protect individual vehicles against theft and damage.

Card image cap Retail Store

A comprehensive solution for retail store applications, providing consumer behavior analysis and response. Retail Store is based on video analytics and helps retailers to protect their assets and optimize layout of retail stores and beyond. Get access to automated heatmaps and counters, customer behavior analysis, face recognition, theft protection, and analytic tools based on big-data analysis technologies.

The package includes cameras, hardware and software for video analytics, and software for management and connection to upstream analytics and reporting tools.

Card image cap Sensor Hub

Measure, collect, store, analyze the data with true IoT solution. Sensor Hub is a package built on PROZETA’s own IoT sensors and icroprocessors with custom microcode. Hundreds of different types of sensors in industrial quality can be installed and connected to root collector. The data from sensors can then be sent to the cloud to be displayed on various kinds of dashboards and analyzed in real time. Reaction triggers can be configured.


Cisco Intel Axis

Our Technology includes technology for video analytics and face recognition, IoT and network sensors, RFID, asset tracking, and cloud management. provides customers not only with software-based processing tools, but also with a management suite for operations centers. The product is pre-integrated with hundreds of existing certified third-party hardware components. includes complex and accurate video analytics and face recognition algorithms, utilizing such techniques as artificial intelligence, deep learning, and neural networks. Tracks persons, objects, and surrounding environments in real-time and allows an immediate response to defined situations and alarms.

Card image cap suite includes active and passive RFID tags and terminals for indoor and outdoor location tracking. Integrable and extensible sensors can provide acquired information with thousands of metrics, including temperature, tilt, acceleration, humidity, or heart rate. Products leverage numerous underlying technologies, including RFID, GPS, UWB, GSM/GPRS, 3G/4G, and more.

Card image cap



All your data, no matter whether saved on-premise or in the cloud (both options available), are fully encrypted and secured against theft. Even when deployed in hostile environment, ensures data security and integrity.

Card image cap has a built-in management and operations center interfaces as well as rich APIs. Management tools are multi-lingual, multi-tenant, platform independent, well documented and include feature rich and programmable event processing. also includes analytics interfaces to provide real-time, big-data analysis and reports.



Professional Services & Support

To ensure our customers’ projects are successful, PROZETA provides its customers with a full range of services - from the integration through training, to complete outsourcing of projects delivery and application management.


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